David Bradbury and I recently met with our 21st Century Learning Consultant, Tim Kivell. We set out to discuss how we would use our TLLP funds efficiently and using the appropriate protocol for
purchasing, ordering, etc. As always, Tim’s knowledge and experience were invaluable for what we needed to know. I came out of the meeting with some awareness of 3 issues facing many of us
who use mobile devices and/or pricier technology in our schools.

We had to determine a system to keep our iPads secure. Brettford carts were mentioned, but they are a bit pricey for our budget. I know some schools keep their devices locked on one location while others allow the devices to remain with the staff members who use them on a daily basis. Keeping everything in one location may set your school up for a big loss if the wrong person knows where they are kept and had access.

Storage was also an issue, although not completely separate from security. iPads need to be charged regularly to be available throughout the day in a variety of learning environments. Again, the Brettford carts were mentioned as were some other suggestions. At our school, iPads are with the classroom teacher with the exception of a set of 5 that can be signed out for classes to use over an instructional block. We don’t have this second option in place yet, so I’m not sure how well it

Managing the apps and settings on the iPads becomes a concern when we wants encourage higher order thinking skills through the use of technology. Just because it’s new technology doesn’t mean the children will learn any better without educator guidance. Ensuring apps that include animals talking inappropriately or apps where the student begins by loading a weapon do not appear on the
iPad is important when convincing parents and educators that the latest in technology is a positive part of a student’s instructional day. Our board has an account that can be used on our iPads to limit poor apps and explore 21st Century Fluencies.

I know our team will work well to determine the best routines for our students. I wonder how others are managing, storing and securing their mobile devices?

Level up,