Today, Derek, Dave and I met with HWDSB’s E-Best (Evidence-Based Education and Services Team) member, Dr. Trish Woerhle. We need several surveys to collect our data: one for students to determine their comfortability with technology (to be administered before and after the project), one for the teachers involved to determine their comfortability with technology (before and after, as well) and a third for attendees of our future inservices. E-BEST insures that our data collection is unbiased, ethical, sound.  Trish helped us with our TLLP proposal too, to ensure that our “measurement” ideas were accurate.

Some things we need to consider with the surveys:

1. Much of our target group cannot independently read our survey, so assistive technology will play a role.

2. Administering surveys on ourselves can be a bit tricky. If we see the survey and give Trish  feedback on it, we can skew results. So, we gave Trish a list of what we wanted covered and she will create a survey for us. She will leave a space for anything that wasn’t addressed that we feel is important.

3. Our initial survey must be administered before the end of this school year. We will be researching, playing and tinkering all summer, and we want our “pre” survey to be a record of how we feel towards technology before we learn in the project.

4. The surveys will be our quantitative data, while our documentation of learning (blogging) will be our qualitative data.

Great learning today! Much thanks to Trish for being a wonderful resource and a nurturing supporter!