Presentation/collaboration choices:

1. Prezi–we downloaded the app but the students who are using it prefer using the website on a desktop computer

2. Haiku Deck–I like this app more than other presentation apps if only because of the database of images. Much safer and efficient than students doing a Google search.

3. Google Presentation–students were already familiar with Powerpoint and Google Docs, so this was a comfortable choice.

4. Google Docs–much of their research was compiled into Google Docs so it could easily be shared to get feedback, so this was an easy choice for some.

5. Story Creator–this was a popular choice for those students on IEPs because the text is limited. Much of their information came in the form of diagrams and images. Very user-friendly.

6. Glogster–we used this website last year and students enjoyed it. Very engaging and creative.

7. Poster–using Google Docs for word processing, several students chose to type and draw diagrams and display via poster

8. Educreations–once I created my account, the students all use it regularly, especially in math. They enjoy making step-by -step videos of their strategy to share with others, and the voice recording feature means that students aren’t held back by writing about their thinking.

9. Explain Everything — similar to Educreations but with easier share features.

10. Popplet–a mind-mapping app, great for organizing thinking or research information.

11. Linoit–an app that has a virtual bulletin board and sticky notes. Teacher can invite students and board becomes collaborative. Great for sharing inquiry questions/ideas.

12. Pic Collage–arranges photography in a beautiful way, and there is room for text and some extras. Take a screenshot, it’s ready to be printed.