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We are a group of teachers who have a burning question: how would gamifying our classrooms affect student engagement and achievement?   We decided to find out! This blog will document our process from beginning to end.

Our focus is primarily on English Language Learners and students with Individual Education Plans because we feel those groups would benefit the most from this approach.

Because we are trying to document all of our thoughts, failures, successes and learning, our posts won’t necessarily be only about game-based learning or gamification; but it all connects somehow to student engagement and achievement.

We’re thrilled that you’re joining us on our journey!

Derek Walker–I.T. teacher

Dave Bradbury–Grade 5 teacher

Greg Holohan–ESL teacher

Adele Stanfield–Grade 5 teacher, project leader

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    We at TVO are interested in featuring your blog as part of a new online initiative. Could you please send me an email so that I can share some details?

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