what are we proposing?

(*First Learning About Blogging* Blog as it happens! I’m trying to remember what happened months ago and it’s tough. I’m trying to get caught up on the events leading up to today, but it would have been much more effective and efficient if I had been blogging along as events unfolded. A lesson learned.)

Our proposal centres around game-based learning and gamification. We want to focus on using games, game design and gaming technology to enhance student learning, especially with English Language Learners and students on Individual Education Plans.

Our hope is that the game aspects will transcend any language or ability barrier so that all can succeed. Levels out the playing field, if you wish. We are also considering that students will be more engaged in the learning process, will take more of an active role in their learning and will enjoy coming to school more.

I have concerns. I’m unsure how parents will receive the news that their child will be “playing games” all year. On a similar note, I am not sure how my colleagues will view this project. Seriously? You’re going to let students play all day?

The key here is sharing of information. Our group will hold community information sessions and we’ll be sure that our staff team, including administrators, clearly understands what we are attempting to undertake. We’ll be welcoming so that others want to ask us questions and observe our classrooms.  Outside of our school, we need to consider Board-wide impact of our project and beyond that, national and international communities need to be informed.

Transparency is crucial. Which leads back to this blog: I want to document every minute of my thinking, reflection, successes and failures.  Nothing hidden, no questions avoided. We’ll also be tweeting along the way. Our students will be blogging their learning.

Anyone else I need to consider sharing information with?  Any other way I can share?



  1. I’d love to hear from Lucas about his camp! I want to hear from kids, they know much more about tech and gaming than I do!

  2. I’m excited too! Treading on newer territory, interested to find out what happens :). I’m glad you’re following along….I may just be coming to you for ideas!

  3. FYI Lucas is attending a video game design camp this summer maybe he can share some info with you.

  4. I am so excited for you and the kids. As a parent of a son who embraces technology I find this very exciting. I hope it is a success for you and will be following and asking lots of questions. I am very eager to learn too.

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